About Us

3DPros provides 3D printing and design services with our combined expertise of more than 10 years in 3D manufacturing. Born from a team of Austin engineers in 2016, we are captivated by this revolution in prototyping and manufacturing. 3D printing is making more ideas possible, faster, and we want to make it accessible to you.

We believe that our customers’ success depends on confidence. Your success is important to us, and we will personally guide you through optimal material and composition decisions to help you come up with the best approach for 3D printing your project. Work with us one-on-one to combine our passion for 3D printing with anything you’re passionate about.

Meet the Pros



Al is a mechanical engineer with a passion for designing new things and expanding on existing models. By experimenting with complex designs, he pushes the limits of FDM printing and gains valuable insights on its possibilities. When he isn’t working on 3D printing projects, Al keeps busy with his wife and two kids.



Daniel is an electrical engineer who started tinkering with 3D printers at home back when they required a full weekend of assembly. Now he likes modifying our 3D printers and finding better parts to improve the print quality. Daniel also enjoys photography, flying drones, and hiking.



Kyle is a mechanical engineer whose curiosity led him to add many small improvements to his daily life through 3D printing. Motivated by creativity, Kyle looks for exciting new opportunities to leverage this technology. You can also find him playing soccer, training his dog for agility, and enjoying board games.