About Us

We’re a custom 3D printing service with a focus on large-format 3D printing. Throughout our time in the 3D printing industry, we’ve discovered that most 3D printing services only offer small prints, or charge extremely high prices for large models. In response to this, we’ve chosen to focus on large size prints and specifically purchased machines capable of 3D printing large objects. This allows us to offer low prices for large prints. Of course, we’re able to print smaller items too, and can leverage our large-format printers to handle short production runs of 3D printed parts.

Our other major focus is on personal communication. We prioritize placing our customers in direct contact with the engineer who is working on their project. Although some 3D printing services are trying to automate the ordering process, we feel that it’s important to have one-on-one communication so we can understand the project goals and recommend a material and printer settings that are appropriate for the project.

We’ve been running our 3D printing service officially since 2016 and have worked on hundreds of projects for customers of all sizes, from hobbyists to aerospace companies. We draw from our years of 3D printing experience and this wide variety of projects to ensure every project we take on is successful. We consistently receive excellent feedback from our customers—check out our testimonials page for examples.

As a small company, our customers are never just numbers to us, and we’re always available for questions or discussions on 3D printing. We started 3DPros because we’re passionate about 3D printing, and our top goal is to ensure every project is successful.

Meet the Pros



Al is a mechanical engineer with a passion for designing and modeling. He loves designing new things and expanding on existing ideas, and is experienced with SolidWorks and openSCAD. Al loves to experiment with complex designs to push the limits of FDM printing, and has gained valuable insights on what is possible with this technology.

Al moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas, and settled down in nearby Pflugerville. When he isn’t working on 3D printing projects in the night, Al keeps busy with his wife and two kids under 8!



Daniel is an Electrical Engineer, and started working with 3D printing as a new way to tinker back when the only way to make a home 3D printer was from a kit and a weekend at home. Daniel likes experimenting with modifications to our 3D printers to improve the quality of prints.

Daniel moved to Austin after attending Texas Tech in Lubbock, TX, and lives in nearby Round Rock. Besides 3D printing, Daniel enjoys photography, flying drones, and hiking.