3D Printing Architectural Models

3D printed tower comparison between an 8” tower from a standard 3D printer and a 20” tower from one of our large format 3D printers.

Looking for a 3D print of an architectural model? We’re a 3D printing service that specializes in printing building models. With years of experience in 3D printing and over a dozen large-format 3D printers, we can help you create a compelling scale model of your next project.

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What We can Do For You

As an architect, you shouldn’t have to spend your time learning about 3D printing and maintaining a 3D printer for printing architectural models. Instead, we can look at your design and discuss your needs to recommend an approach for successfully printing the model.

We’re also able to meet tight deadlines. As a well-established 3D printing service, we have the ability to complete large-scale 3D printing projects quickly and efficiently so you can have your model in-hand as early as possible.

Experience In Architecture


We’ve printed a lot of architectural models. From student designs to display models of completed buildings, we have years of experience in 3D printing for these types of projects. One of our favorites was a group of 80+ building models for a 2018 exhibit at the A+D Architecture and Design Museum in Los Angeles.

When you’ve worked hard on a design, you want the final display to represent your vision in the best way possible. We’ll apply our knowledge and experience in 3D printing building models to make sure your project looks its best. Check out some of our other projects here.


Low Prices FOr Large MOdels

You’ve probably discovered that most 3D printing services can either only print small items or are very expensive for larger prints. We’re different. We have 3D printers capable of printing single parts up to 20” tall, and we’ve often combined multiple prints to create final models that are even larger.

By focusing on large-format 3D printing, we can produce large architectural models for a price that will fit in your budget. You can learn more about our pricing here.

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If you prefer to contact us directly, you can reach us at info@3d-pros.com.