Whether you are waiting on a new prototype so you can continue with your project or just excited to see your design as a 3D print, our goal is to get your printed parts to you as quickly as possible. We offer two expedited processing options and can ship your order using a variety of delivery services depending on your needs.

We pride ourselves on providing the fastest possible turnaround time when the project demands it—we’ve handled many orders that required next-day delivery, so we’re used to deadlines. If you’re on a short timeline, let us know what the situation is and we’ll come up with a plan to get your parts to you in time.

We offer local pickup for customers in the Austin, TX area, but we ship the majority of orders and have extensive experience in packing items securely for transit. We guarantee that your parts will arrive safely—if a part does break during shipping, we’ll replace it at no cost.

Standard Processing

Our standard processing time is 3 days on average, although the production time can vary based on the size and quantity of parts in your order. When you place your order, we’ll always give you our best estimate of when we expect to complete your order.

Fast Processing

With the Fast Processing option, we will prioritize your order in our queue to print it more quickly. This option is best if you want to receive your parts as quickly as possible, but are not coming up on an immediate deadline. When you place your order, we can give you time estimates for both Standard and Fast Processing so you can make the best choice.

Rush Processing

The Rush Processing option is for orders where you need to receive your parts as soon as possible to hit a project deadline. With this option, we’ll do whatever it takes to get your parts to you quickly. If it’s physically possible to 3D print your parts and deliver them to you in time, we’ll do it. When you order, we’ll recommend Rush Processing if your deadline is sooner than we expect to be able to deliver your parts with Fast Processing.

Shipping Options

Our standard shipping offering is USPS Priority Mail, but we also offer FedEx and UPS shipping if you prefer to use one of those carriers. For Fast and Rush Processing, we offer expedited shipping options including overnight shipping. When you’re ready to order, we’ll discuss the various shipping options so you can decide which one is best for your needs. And if you’re located in the Austin, TX area, you always have the option of picking up your order directly from us.

We guarantee all of our shipments—if one of your parts is broken in transit, we will replace it for you at no charge.

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