If you’re familiar with 3D printing and are interested in the details of our printing capabilities, see the information below. If you aren’t sure what these specifications mean, don’t worry! When you contact us, we’ll be happy to go over everything with you to confirm whether we can print your parts the way you want. 

Available Materials

Our printers use Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and can print most plastics available in the form of 1.75mm filament spools. Our most common materials are:

  • PLA: Our most popular material. Perfect for cost-effective prototyping or models intended for display purposes. PLA cannot withstand high temperatures. It has a semi-gloss surface finish, but does not respond well to sanding.

  • ABS: A higher-temperature plastic that is well-suited for functional prototypes or parts which need to be able to withstand higher temperatures. Can also be smoothed with acetone vapor or sanded for a superior surface finish. It has a non-glossy appearance.

  • PETG: Best used for high-strength applications. PETG is our strongest material available, but does not perform as well as ABS or PLA with finely detailed models. It has a similar temperature tolerance as ABS. PETG has a very glossy surface finish, but does not respond well to sanding.

  • TPU: A specialized rubber-based material used for parts that need to be flexible.


We stock the following colors, and can order additional colors upon request:

  • White

  • Black

  • Gray

  • Transparent (prints as clear translucent)

  • Blue

  • Red

  • Yellow

  • Green

  • Brown

  • Gold

  • Speciality colors, such as carbon fiber, Woodfill, and glow-in-the-dark

Printer Specifications

  • Maximum Part Size: Our printers can produce single parts that fit within a 20” x 20” x 20” (500mm) cube. We’ve often printed larger models by splitting the model into multiple smaller pieces, and gluing them together after printing. If your model is larger than 20”, we’ll be happy to take a look and tell you whether we think we can print it in smaller pieces.

  • Layer Height: We typically use 0.6mm or 0.8mm nozzles and can print with layer heights between 80 micron (0.08mm) and 320 micron (0.32mm).

Quality Standards

We adhere to the following quality standards for every part we print:

  • Accuracy: Greater of 0.5% or .25mm

  • Surface Finish: No marks on print, other than minimal retraction marks or a small seam

  • Shape: No warping or delamination between layers

  • Support Material: All support material removed. Small trace markings from support material may be present on supported surfaces.

We guarantee the quality of our prints according to these standards. If you receive a part from us that fails to meet these standards, contact us immediately and we will reprint or provide a refund of the part according to your preference.

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