Our Work

We have helped clients from many backgrounds and industries.  One of the major advantages of 3D printing is how adaptable it is to a large variety of projects and needs.  


Industrial Design

When testing a new process, it is critical to be able to quickly test and improve a design, but it can be difficult to create a single prototype with traditional manufacturing methods or even 3D printing due to the cost and lead time typical for creating larger items. 

3DPros aims to lower the barrier for getting a physical prototype in hand throughout the design process, so you can quickly test and redesign.  You can save many hours of simulating your design when you can test in the real world with a low cost prototype.


Product Prototypes

Physical prototypes are a critical part of designing a new product.  Not only does it allow the designer to quickly find issues with the product in usability testing, it also provides your marketing team with a sample to show potential clients.  However in many cases, designers do not create a prototype until it is in the final stages of development, when it is often too late to make changes.

By providing fast and affordable 3D prints, you can introduce prototyping much earlier in the design process, saving time and money in identifying issues, and getting valuable early feedback from your customers.


Architectural Models

Perfectly replicate your design with a 3D printed model down to every intricate detail.  An accurate model is critical in allowing your audience to understand your thinking and understand how the design works as a whole; something that cannot be expressed with images alone.