Architectural models are one of our most common applications of 3D printing. A physical scale model helps clients and architects visualize a design in a more impactful way than a drawing or computer rendering. 3D printing has an advantage over other forms of physical modeling by enabling us to rapidly produce a large scale model while still capturing the small details in the design that set it apart from the rest.

Project Highlight: A+D Architecture and Design Museum

One of our favorite projects was a group of 80+ building models, each between 12” and 15” in size, for a 2018 exhibit at the A+D Architecture and Design Museum in Los Angeles. The models included well-known buildings as well as new designs, and showed off the striking variance in architectural designs.

We were able to deliver all 80 building models in approximately five weeks—a timeline that wouldn’t have been possible with any other form of modeling.


About Our Architectural 3D Prints

Architecture is one of our major focus areas and we have a number of capabilities that make us uniquely suited to producing architectural models.

Expert Assistance

Our team is highly skilled in 3D printing architectural models. By looking at the 3D model and talking to the client about the project, we’ll come up with an approach for successfully printing the model. In some cases, this includes splitting the model into multiple parts which are combined after printing, allowing us to increase the level of detail on key areas of the model.

Large-Scale Models

With machines capable of 3D printing single parts up to 20” in size, we can produce building models as large as needed for a demonstration or design review.

Rapid Turnaround

Because 3D printing is optimized for speed when compared to other manufacturing methods, we can deliver a completed model more quickly than it could be produced using almost any other process. Most of our projects are completed within a few days, and we have often delivered orders the next day when the project deadline demanded it.