A full-size 15” wheel prototype.

A full-size 15” wheel prototype.

Physical prototypes are a critical part of designing a new product. Not only do prototypes allow product designers to quickly find usability issues, they can also serve as a sample to show potential clients. With 3D printing, we can create product prototypes in a matter of hours, allowing your team to iterate on a design to refine it before going into production.

And with our large-format printing capabilities, there’s no need to scale your design down for the prototype--we can print it full scale so you can get a complete idea of how your product will work in the real world.

Prototyping Services

After working with a number of product designers, we’ve established a special set of service offerings for prototyping. Our goal is to support you in your design process so that you can employ 3D printing as a rapid prototyping tool without dealing with unnecessary friction and red tape. Here’s how we can help:

  • Test-Fit and Adjustment: We can print small test sections of your design and test-fit them to ensure they fit together the way you expect. We’ll help you save time and expense to avoid you ordering a full 3D print and discovering that the parts don’t fit properly.

  • Next-Day Shipping: Need your 3D print immediately for a project deadline or client meeting? We’re used to deadlines, and if it’s physically possible to 3D print your parts in time, we’ll get it done.

  • Multiple Design Iterations: We want you to be able to iterate on your design, so we’ll help you get set up to easily send us the latest tweaks to your model for us to 3D print prototypes as you continue in the design process.


We’ve worked on dozens of prototype designs, helping clients with projects ranging from toys to car engine parts. In some cases the parts we print are final display prototypes, but we often end up establishing an ongoing working relationship with our clients to provide them with new 3D prints as they iterate on their designs. 3D printing is perfect for this type of rapid design iteration, and we love seeing a design evolve over time into a polished market-ready product.