Once we have completed the Design Review Process and you're ready to move forward, we’ll begin producing your parts with our 3D printers. Our priorities during the production process are to print your parts quickly and correctly so we can deliver your order to you as soon as possible.

When your order is finished printing, we’ll remove any support material and take pictures of the printed part so you can see the finished result and make sure it came out the way you expect.

How Long Does Production Take?

The printing time for a 3D model can vary significantly based on the settings we are using for the print. For example, if a high-quality surface finish is a priority, the printing time will be longer. Smaller models may print in two or three hours while larger designs can take multiple days for a single print. If you’re concerned about getting your parts in time, just let us know what your deadline is and we can provide an estimate of production time once we have the chance to look at your 3D model.

What Post-Processing Steps Do You Take After Printing?

As each part is printed, we’ll perform a careful inspection to look for any imperfections in the part. If we find any issues, we will communicate them to you so that we can agree on next steps. In many cases we can repair small imperfections to get your parts to you more quickly, but we’ll reprint the part if needed.

For parts where support material is required for the print, we will remove the support material after printing.

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